Create the future.

Empowering young minds to create the future. 

Creatable is a creative technology curriculum that leverages industry partnerships and engaging, high impact learning experiences to ignite a passion for creative technology and prepare young women for the future of work.

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Innovation requires diversity.

Women solve different kinds of problems differently and more women in tech means more possibility. The challenge with girls and STEM is making tech cool, relevant and accessible.

We believe context is critical. Teaching coding or electronics just for the sake of learning a new skill isn't enough to engage young minds. Taking an industry first approach, we teach technology in the context of creativity.

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In the age of automation the future is creative.

Young people want to learn relevant skills for relevant work but the pace of change in technology and industry best-practice is fast and overwhelming for schools, teachers and parents. Imagine there was a way young people, especially girls, could learn how to solve the world’s most interesting problems from the world’s most innovative organisations? Creatable is taught by industry, revealing the innovation best practices that are shaping the future of work.

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2018 Showcase

We recently celebrated the Creatable alumni of 2018! See the projects they brought to life, experience the environment, and meet the mentors that are helping young women believe they can create the future.

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